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   New Releases  

Irish maestro Glenn Lucas has launched the first of a new DVD series "Mastering Woodturning" with an excellent presentation on "Tools & Techniques".

A DVD from the doyen of the demo circuit, Les Thorne, "No Turning Back" is a great reason to visit our Recommended Videos page. 

Mike Mahoney has created a further superb addition to his growing library of DVDs with a production entitled "Heirlooms - Making Things That Last": surely an ambition in which we would all share.  Learn how in this masterful 130 minute treatise from The Bowlturner.

Although less frequently seen in the UK in recent months, Jimmy Clewes remains a deservedly popular presenter. and his DVD productions continue to set the standards by which others should be judged.  His latest release is "Back to Basics", a primer or refresher for basic skills.

We've tried to make life easier by breaking the books up into categories, and each book on the primary pages is accompanied by a short - but, we hope, helpful -  review.  Videos are listed separately as our favourite DVDs.  Here's the index to our books and videos:-

As always, if there are other books you're trying to get hold of, but can't seem to find, let us try to help.  Just drop us an e-mail and we'll let you know what we can do.


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