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Videos (DVDs & CDs) of the Moment

 Glenn Lucas
Mastering Woodturning - Sharpening Techniques

In this production, Glenn focusses on that most important, yet most under-studied and ill-performed task of the woodturner - tool sharpening. Glenn knows that the quickest way to great sharpening results comes through the use of a jig. Here you can see his demonstration of using various jigs, including our own particular favourite, the Oneway Wolverine, as he sharpens the range of tools using the grinds for which he has become world renowned - and much admired.

The DVD includes sections on both dry and wet grinding as well as the use of belt-based sharpening systems. As we have come to expect from Glenn, this is a thorough and competent presentation of this essential skill, clearly and enthusiastically presented.


 Glenn Lucas
Mastering Woodturning - Bowl Turning Techniques

In this, the second of his 'Mastering Woodturning' productions, Glenn turns his attention to the subject which has been central to his 21 years of development as one of the worlds top professional woodturners.  The tenor of this DVD is perhaps best summed up by the cover notes, penned by Glenn, where he explains: 'Producing this DVD has been a labour of love. In it I show and explain my personal approach to turning a bowl, along with techniques I have developed over twenty years.'

The DVD opens with a brief history of Glenn's involvement with trees, agriculture and machinery before moving on to a visual synopsis of the content of the video - the making of a bowl.  In keeping with all responsible teachers, Glenn covers safety in the workshop but with a much more down to earth and practical edge than one so often hears in this pseudo-H&S obsessed world (my words, not Glenn's).  Because Glenn's experience is of creating hundreds of bowls annually, taking responsibility for the whole process from the tree to the finished article, the first creative section deals with the chainsaw in all of its aspects followed by its use to convert the tree butt into usable timber.  The conversion process continues with the use of the bandsaw, which is again described in some detail.

Since Glenn is normally working fresh timber to produce large bowls, his initial turning is done "wet', so we next get to learn the techniques of rough-turning, removing a usable core from the centre of the bowl (using the Oneway bowl coring system), from which a second bowl is made and preparing the part-finished blanks for drying.  The processes of drying timber, both by air-drying and kiln drying are well covered with Glenn literally 'taking the top off' his kiln to show the process in detail.

After drying, the seasoned bowl is finish turned and for this it needs to be remounted on the lathe - the tricks for doing this successfully even when the bowl is distorted by movement in drying are fully explained. In the section on final turning you will see and learn the techniques Glenn has developed to enable him to create a tooled surface that is needful of little sanding - the process next considered and explained in depth, along with finishes and finishing.  In order to remove the foot form the bowl base, Glenn uses a vacuum chuck system and he fully explains the selection and use of such equipment before finally sanding and marking the base.

The whole presentation is rounded out by a slide show which might best be called 'The World of Glenn Lucas' - and a very attractive world it looks too!  A second great DVD from a most able and enthusiastic craftsman and brilliant communicator.


 Glenn Lucas
Mastering Woodturning - Tools & Techniques

It is a pleasure to introduce a superb DVD from Irish maestro, Glenn Lucas, which again sets the bar of achievement to new heights.  I must confess that I watch some woodturning DVDs in fear and trepidation because, however valid the content and skilled the presenter, the production may not make a great job of conveying those facts.  I watched this DVD with the greatest of pleasure and will do so again, many times.  For this is a rare production in that Glenn concentrates not on what one might make, but on the fundamental issues which define how one might make a turned wooden object - he analyses tool choice, tool use and tool sharpening with surgical precision.

Glenn is a superb woodturner but unlike may excellent woodturners is also very analytical in his approach.  He works at topics, skills, processes and technologies until he has a clear understanding of them.  His great skill as a communicator then enables him to present that information to us, his viewers.  The objective of this DVD is very much to educate turners on the selection,sharpening and use of woodturning tools.  It does so thoroughly, rigorously and in depth.  If you have ever wonder "how" or "why" about a turning tool, then there's a very good chance that you'll find the answer in here.  Glenn may very well change the way in which you do things - for the better.  He will certainly make you think and examine your own practises as you watch this excellent presentation.  If you not only want, but also strive, to be a better turner, then this is one video that you should not miss.


 Turning The World (boxed set of 3 DVDs)
Back To Basics with Jimmy Clewes
Turn It Up
(boxed set of 3 DVDs)
Turn It On
(boxed set of 3 DVDs)
& Turnaround with Jimmy Clewes

Watching Jimmy Clewes turn is always a pleasure.  Undoubtedly possessed of consummate skill and artistry, he is also a very relaxed and fluent communicator and all-round Good Guy. His style can get exciting too when he indulges in a little pyromania on the lathe.  Now you may re-create the atmosphere and excitement of a Jimmy Clewes demo through these excellent DVDs.

Jimmy Clewes is certainly a much-travelled man, as viewers of his earlier work (see below) must have realised.  In the latest boxed set, 'Turning The World' he takes us with him on his world wanderings with a trip on the Norwegian fjords, a visit to the rugged West coast of Scotland and finishes in his new "home from home" in Las Vegas.  Along the way we see him turning projects ranging from a wooden spoon, through a Celtic-inspired wall hanging, a spurtle for the man's porridge, a bangle and a closed wooden vessel inspired by the handwork of the native peoples of his new home in the USA.

Many would like the opportunity to take a lesson with Jimmy Clewes.  Especially now that he is based on the far side of the pond, the chances for most of us are fairly slim.  However, we can have the next best thing by inviting Jimmy into our homes to show us the ropes through his DVD, 'Back To Basics', in which he discusses and demonstrates the fundamentals, setting us off on the right course for a lifetime's happy and rewarding woodturning.  Because this is a presentation aimed primarily at the newcomer to woodturning, Jimmy covers all of the aspects that one would expect such as Health and Safety, the choice of equipment and tools and the all-important matter of tool sharpening.  He even gives advice on the choice and use of abrasives and finishes.  All of this sound advice is then put to good use through three projects - a candlestick, a pen and a bowl - that show that this guy is no mean theorist.  If you are just getting started, or if you fancy a refresher course before taking your next leap forward in the adventure which is woodturning, then this DVD is well worth a look.

The 'Turn It Up' boxed set of three DVDs, show a range of projects including a maple coloured form, a top hat turned in cherry, a natural edge bowl in acacia burr, a lidded burr box and a combination of Jimmy Clewes Turn It Up boxed setskills demonstrated when adding a spun silver insert into a mallee burr turning.  But what makes these DVDs special is the extra-curricula activities which Jimmy brings into the program - a visit to the huge timber facility of Theo Nagel, in Germany, a feature on production turning in an English factory and the "other side" of Jimmy when he takes us for a round of golf to demonstrate how to make a golf tee!  These programs take the foundation work shown in his earlier videos a step further with ever-more interesting, demanding - and stunning - work.

The 'Turn It On' boxed set again comprises three DVDs, each complete in itself, with a range of sections covering both projects and tecJimmy Clewes - Turn It On boxed sethniques as well as an insight into the broader aspects of a professional turner's life.

The Turnaround presentation covers spindle work, tool sharpening, end grain work, box-making and a superb demonstration of creating a stunning large-diameter platter which he then colours beautifully.

For those who wonder, I have Jimmy's word that the impressive, Turnaround DVD and Video by Jimmy Clewesapparently-endless ribbon-like shaving pictured flying off his gouge on the front cover of the Turnaround DVD is entirely genuine.  Having many times worked alongside Jimmy and watched his demonstrations 'in the flesh' I have every reason to believe it is true!   Of course, if he was a real turner, he would have made it fly across the room in the shape of his signature: obviously he was not concentrating that day!!  (Oh, oh: sorry Jimmy, I've just realised - that IS your signature!)

For my own part, I like the fact that Jimmy uses WivaMac lathes and does an excellent job of showing what superb machines these are for serious turners - and those with serious ambition. And just to show that we can all fall prey to conceit, I am most enthusiastic about Volume 1 of Turn It On because it includes footage of your truly at the WivaMac "Open Doors" event where Jimmy and I worked together.  Bask in the glow!


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Mike Mahoney
  Heirlooms - Making Things That Last 
On the McNaughton Centre Saver
Bowl Basics
Hollow Forms and Urns Workshop

Mike Mahoney DVD Bowl Basics - A Workshop with Mike Mahoney Mike Mahoney DVD: Hollow Forms & Urns Workshop
Mike Mahoney DVD on The McNaughton Centre Saver

If you have ever been privileged - and I use that word quite knowingly and deliberately - to see a demonstration by Mike Mahoney, then you will know what the word "accomplished" truly means.  Not only is Mike a superb and skilled (and left-handed) turner but is also an excellent presenter whose easy, friendly, supportive attitude shines through ever scene of these DVDs.

The most recent addition to this excellent line-up of education on DVD is 'Heirlooms' in which Mike affords the viewer a priviliged insight into his approach to turning bowls, platters and containers.  This production covers all aspects from identifying and harvesting the timber, rough turning, drying and subsequent turning to the finished form.  These are products that find use in everyday life, which is surely where our wooden artefacts should find their role?  They are likewise that are part of our shared history and culture.  Take a look at how a master approaches the subject and be inspired.

For anyone who owns or is thinking of buying a McNaughton Centre Saver, Mike's production showing its safe and efficient use is a revelation.  If you own the tool, you really need the video: I thought I had been using the McNaughton system for long enough to know how to use it but Mike gave me so much food for thought and improved my use of the tool out of all recognition - as well as taking all of the fear and trepidation out of the process!.

Mike is, above all, a bowl turner: indeed his email address is bowlturner@ ... ... so I guess we shouldn't be too surprised to find two excellent presentations of bowl-maker's skills included in this series.  In "Bowl Basics", Mike covers all that one might need to know to create beautiful and functional vessels from wood.  He does so with the eloquent skill of someone who turns bowls by the thousand, for Mike Mahoney is a production bowl turner and truly makes his living by creating beautifully turned objects that the public clamour to buy and does so at a rate and in a manner that supports himself and family.

There are turners who make their living by turning hollow forms - and some of them seem to go out of their way to make it look difficult so that you are less tempted to challenge their skill one might suppose.  Mike Mahoney's approach is very different and in this 'Hollow Forms & Urns' Mike reveals all of his tricks and trade secrets, enabling you to aspire to become a great turner of hollow forms too.


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Portrait of an Artist Series
by Bernard Blain, Katia-TV

Beyond Wood - Portrait of an Artist: Six DVD Collection by Katia TVThese DVDs, created by a skilled, professional TV producer show how turned wooden objects, or artefacts, can easily rise to the status of high art.  What really strikes me about these DVDs is that they are inspirational as distinct from instructional.  For sure, these are not the DVDs to tell you "blow by blow" with detailed explanations and processes measurements how to create the objects featured, but what they do tell, with great thoroughness and respect, is what motivates, inspires, drives and even defines the "artists" featured.  Here you can see the environment in which these superb turners of international repute live, work and play and they share in words and pictures their influences, development, hopes and ambitions.  If you are looking for something beyond all other woodturning video productions, then I would highly recommend these.

For the avid woodturner the "Beyond Wood - The Fine Art of Turned and Sculpted Wood" DVD is a real bargain: the set comprises six DVDs and features the work of David Ellsworth, Giles Gilson, Rude Osolnik, Frank E Cummings, Jean-Francois Escoulen, Gianfranco Angelino, Christian Burchard, Hans Weissflog and Ron Kent as well as features on The Emma Lake Event, visits to the Lipton, Bohlen and Wornick collections and a series of exclusive interviews under the title "Perfection in Form".


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Reed Gray
Bowl Coring with the McNaughton (Centre Saver) DVD

Reed Gray has produced a very down-to-earth no-nonsense DVD that demonstrates not only the basic uses of the McNaughton Centre Saving system but also some of the "add-ons" such as the laser guide. 

This practical approach sees Reed follow through the complete process, after introducing you to the tool, with sections covering considering whether this tool will work on your lathe - a good starting place - then looks at mounting the bowl blank, sharpening the tool, a demo of coring a standard bowl and a host of other insights not covered elsewhere.

Being an honest individual, Reed even admits to bending blades - and shows how to straighten them out again!!  Fascinating.


Kip Christensen & Rex Burningham
Pen-Making & Projects Series DVDs

Kip Christensen and Rex Burningham and well-known and respected turners, especially in their home country, the US of A.  In these two DVD series we learn why that is - the answer is, quite simply - they are both entertaining and informative in their approach, serving up gems of woodturning "nouse" with a deft but light touch.

ITurning Pens Vol 1 with Kip & Rex DVD by Kip Christensen & Rex BurninghamfTurning Pens Vol 2 with Kip & Rex DVD by Kip Christensen & Rex Burningham your ambition is to be a pen-maker par excellence, then apart from buying the right tools and equipment, I'd suggest that buying these DVDs would push you a very long way in the desired direction. Starting with a basic pen in 'Turning Pens with Kip & Rex (Video 1 - The Basics & Beyond)' they proceed to cover variations on this Slimline pen with wire burning, the addition of finger grip grooves and two special centre band treatments.  In addition to the "how to" section, they also cover the tools needed, suitable adhesives, specialised materials such as antler, exotic timbers and various plastics.  The second DVD, "Turning Pens with Rex & Kip (Video 2 - More Pens Plus Tip & Tricks)' continues the theme by introducing the making of more sophisticated pens as well as detailing how to work successfully with plastics materials and likewise for antler.  The tips and tricks section coveWoodturning Projects Vol 1 with Kip & Rex DVD by Kip Christensen & Rex BurninghamrsWoodturning Projects Vol 2 with Kip & Rex DVD by Kip Christensen & Rex Burningham topics such as making a sliding cross cutting table, drilling jigs, timber selection, repairing timber defects, assembly jigs and - for the fateful day when it all goes wrong - tips on how to disassemble a pen.

If your interest lies in projects other than pen making, then the versatility of this likeable pair does not leave you wanting.  Again we have two video presentations, on DVD, each covering a variety of projects that really provide inspiration - and instruction - for when you need a bit of help to get the creative juices flowing.  The first volume of 'Woodturning Projects' gives details on the making of a bud vase, a bowl turned from green timber (that is to say, wet timber, not green coloured, dummy!), a wall clock, a Christmas ornament, a spinning top and - this you just have to see 'Curly Fries': this last is something I had never seen before and it is "a hoot'.  A similar theme is continued in Volume 2 where the projects detailed include a peppermill, an egg (beware indigestion), an hour glass (for timing the egg, presumably?), a stick pen, a toothpick holder and a carving mallet.  Superbly presented, no hard sell and great fun.


Woodturning Techniques
with Gary Rance

Gery Rance DVD - Woodturning TechniquesGary Rance is not of the genre of woodturners who have made their name as demonstrators of the practice of woodturning: he is a far more rare animal - a genuine working woodturner who also demonstrates - brilliantly.  In fact Gary is reckoned to be the most accomplished production turner in the UK and he is held in very high esteem by his peers in the woodturning world.  After watching this video, it will be very clear to you why this is the case.

Gary is perhaps not the most verbally eloquent of turners, but in his hands you will see the truest expression of eloquence you could ever wish to behold.  In fact, it is no disrespect to Gary to say that if you watch this production without the audio switched on you will still be totally absorbed in the skill and artistry of this brilliant turner.  As the old song has it, this is truly 'poetry in motion'  (OK, I can't help it if you're too young to remember!).

Rarely do we mention value when reviewing woodturning videos, yet it must be mentioned that this has to be the best value production on the market, with a running time in the order of three full hours: this is a very comprehensive review of turning.  The production covers Health & Safety; tool sharpening (an excellent demonstration of how easy this can be); basic faceplate work and basic spindle turning techniques before launching into three projects: an inlaid box, a long-thin-stemmed goblet and a candlestick, complete with flame: the project that has become Gary's signature piece.

And if you are looking at lathes, you'll find that Gary, like Jimmy Clewes, uses a WivaMac lathe in this production (in this case a DB801) so you can also get a good insight into the performance of these excellent lathes - for which The ToolPost are UK distributors.


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