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Whichever branch of woodwork appeals to you, the need for abrasives is likely to exist. As with any other item in your toolkit, careful selection of the correct abrasive for the task and using only proven, professional products will help to ensure high quality results.

We are pleased to be able to offer a range of abrasive products, each selected to satisfy a particular workshop requirement.  Foremost among these are the excellent specialist cloth-backed abrasives, ideal for woodturning, and foam-backed hand sanding pads for the woodworker that we have sourced from specialist European manufacturers with long experience of specialist abrasive products.

Abranet, produced by Finnish company Mirka has proven very popular with many woodturners who like its non-clogging, dust-shedding properties.  We offer this product in packs of single grade strips, boxes of the same or in mixed packs which enable the occasional turner or those simply wishing to try it out to take advantage of this abrasive for only a modest outlay.

For most woodturners, the use of power sanding techniques has considerably reduced the time taken to achieve a high quality finish on items such as  bowls and platters.  With an increasing consciousness of health issues and dust hazards, as well as environmental sensitivity, shear sanding has become more popular recently, using the rotational energy of the lathe itself to drive the sanding system.  We offer both  the excellent Grip-A-Disc system in both power and shear sanding versions as well as the more conventional foam-backed pad system represented by the Sandmaster system from Robert Sorby - again in a shear sanding and power sanding version.  This latter system also includes a range of polishing mops for finishing inside bowls, goblets and the like - though if you are looking to take advantage of the considerable benefits of using buffing to finish your turned items, we would strongly recommend that you also look at the Beall Buffing Systems.  For the dedicated power sanding enthusiast we also offer the excellent neoprene power sanding backing pads from Tim Skilton

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