Client Clearances

Here we list items which are available to purchase directly from our customers. These are usually lathes, which are ready to be re-homed after the purchase of a new machine from ourselves. So check back regularly.

This is a service we offer to our customers wherever possible and we act merely as an advertising platform for such items, taking no reward nor commision from it. 

All finaicial dealings are handled between the the private buyer and seller, without any contact with ourselves, except where contact details need to be obtained.


Wivamac Bowl Turning Lathe (RARE) - £1150 OVNO

Due to a workshop reshuffle, a long standing customer has decided it is time to part ways with his much loved ADB950 Vario.

This may not be a model you recognise, and that's for good reason. They were made to order and they we're ordered in their few. Their limited production was not due to anything more than this being a dedicated bowl lathe, and I can think of only one other bowl lathe on the planet which could be put up against this.

The machine has seen good service, but been superbly looked after throughout its use and truth be told, if there were room in the workshop here I'd probably buy it myself!

Capable of turning a HUGE 950mm x 500mm (yes, that's right almost a metre by half a metre), this 3hp monster delivers on the promise of being a "bowl lathe".

With heavy duty pedestal stand, innovative surround 'L' bed and independent inverter stand, this machine is a pleasure to use.

Footprint max 1.25 x 1.55 metres. This obviously varies depending on the position of the “L bed”.

Capacity - Diameter: 950mm
Capacity - Thickness (depth): 500mm
Spindle Size: M33
Belt Change: 3
Variable speed (RPM): 90 - 420, 270 - 1260, 400 - 1890.
Total Weight: 225kg

For further information, please email with your contact details and we shall pass these onto the seller.

Below are some images of the actual lathe taken on the 1st July 2019.