Bench Hooks and Mitre Blocks

In days of yore, before the world was our oyster and some of us (better known as "them") could afford fancy mitre saws, the real men would cut the mitres on their frames under the guidance of a good old Mitre Box. And why not? A perfectly good solution to a simple practical problem, prefectly engineered by Crown Tools.

Made from kilned beech and glued and screwed together (except the miniature version), this mitre box will guide you in the ways, not so much of righteousness as "right-angled-ness" (when you join your two prefectly mitred frame pieces together.) Unlike the mitre hook, which features only one guiding wall, the mitre box provides guidance to the saw both fore and aft, reducing errant tendencies (of the saw, of course!).

For cutting stock to length, the traditional bench hook provides a quick, simple, secure means of holding the timber in place, whilst also promoting accurate cutting. A reasonably secure bench, wall or table is all you need to use one of these versatile tools - and it is far easier than trying to cut timber held awkwardly in a bench vice.

Mitre Box, 4.1/2in, Crown Hand Tools

Crown Hand Tools
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