DB801 & DB802
Vario Woodturning Lathes

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"The Wivamac DB801vario is the best
"small" lathe I have ever used"

When a turner with the knowledge and experience of Allan Beecham is prepared to make unprompted public pronouncements of this order on first acquaintance with a lathe, you know that you are witnessing something really special.  With fifty years of experience and as the fourth generation of woodturners in his family, Allan has probably had the opportunity to try out just about everything that can rotate wood and earn the title "lathe", yet he reserved this greatest praise for the Wivamac DB801.  To be fair to Allan, the quote marks around "small" are our own: even Allan agreed on further discussion that a lathe capable of turning 520 mm (20.5") diameter bowls over the bed, and equipped with a 0.75Kw (1 H.P.) motor and infinitely variable speed drive, is not exactly a "small" lathe, even if it is a very compact package and competitively priced!

The Wivamac DB801 and DB802 are variable speed, swivel head, bench-mounted lathes designed to be accommodated in the smaller workshop.  The headstock can also be positioned in any position along the length of the bed and the lathes share most of the vast range of accessories available to extend the capability of these lathes beyond most imaginations.  For sure it is a compact design, which utilises space brilliantly, but it will not limit your creativity in the way that so many conventionally "small" lathes might. 

The "smallest" lathe in the DB range, and designed to bring this class of machinery into the range of the more budget-conscious, the DB801/DB802 nonetheless feature a high performance electronic continuously variable speed drive system, the "Vario".  This provides a reversible, industrial, variable speed drive delivering its power through a poly-vee-belt drive system.  The DB801 has two belt positions giving a speed range form 180 to 2400 rev/min whilst the DB802 features three belt pulleys giving a wider speed spread from 120 to 2800 rev/min.  These ranges are designed to accommodate any task you care to place on the lathe yet provides bags of torque, even at the lowest speeds.  This is an economic, practical and usable variable speed system not a publicity stunt!  The only other difference between the DB801 and the DB802 is that, in order to clear space for the third belt pulley position, the DB802 does not have the 24-position indexing featured on the DB801.

Take a look through the specifications, below, or browse the more comprehensive component descriptions provided and see what "the best small lathe" could bring to your world!  When you are ready to place your order, please call us on 01235 511101.

Wivamac DB801/DB802 Lathe Technical Specifications
(Identical except where noted otherwise)

Capacity (between centres)

820 mm / 32.25"

Capacity (diameter over bed)

520 mm / 20.47"

Centre Height   (over bed)

260 mm / 10.23"



30 mm / 1.18"

Morse taper

2 MT

Throat bore

10 mm / 0.39"


M33 x 3.5mm


DB801: 24 position indexing with positive pin location
DB802:  None

Spindle Lock

Yes: independent pin locking directly into spindle



30 mm / 1.18"

Morse taper

2 MT

Throat bore

14 mm / 0.55"

Quill travel

95 mm / 3.74"


750 W / 1 HP, 1440 rev/min

Drive Speeds



Vario Drive (2 step pulley)

Vario Drive (3 step pulley)

120-560 (low range)

180-960 (low range)

360-1680 (mid range)

450-2400 (high range)

600-2800 (high range)

Dimensions (L x W x H)

1600 x 400 x 560 mm / 63" x 15.75" x 22.05"

Weight (without ballast)

105 kg / 232 lbs


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