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Gift Vouchers
and other gift ideas

Little Miss Santa, wistfully waiting for Christmas to come around again.  Meantime, maybe she can help with your other gift requirements?

Take a look at our suggestions and get your juices running.

We are here to help with your gift selection - all year through.

Buying a gift can be a daunting task, especially if the gift is for an enthusiast - even worse an expert.  We have tried to give some ideas of suitable gifts in an attached page of Gift Ideas, but maybe the safest and most flexible approach is to give a ToolPost Gift Voucher.  For an analogy, think of Book Tokens, with the advantangeous difference that the vouchers are design to be spent at The ToolPost where most woodworkers will be more than happy to make their choices - whether that is for books or anything else.

ToolPost Gift Vouchers are available in whatever value you care to name - you are not limited to predetermined amounts, subject to a minimum gift value of 5.00.  Simply fill in the form, below, with the amount you wish to give and at a stroke you will have both satisfied the wish to give a gift and ensured that the gift will match the wants of the recipient.  There are no charges for the service or the card so the recipient receives the full value of your purchase.

The lucky gift recipient simply uses the voucher as if it were cash, to buy products from The ToolPost, either in person at our shop or on line at www.toolpost.co.uk (this site) or by telephone (01235 511101).  An overview of the usage instructions supplied with the voucher is reproduced, below , for your guidance.

The Gift Voucher card delivered to the recipient, as shown below, left, is an appropriate photo-card, printed inside (see below, right) with the recipient's name, the value of your gift and your personal message.  A reference number is also printed for security purposes and this must be quoted when making purchases using the card.

ToolPost Gift Voucher card front face ToolPost Gift Voucher Card showing recipient's name, message and gift value.

Order a ToolPost Gift Voucher

Enter decimal digits and decimal point only, for the total value of the gift, in pounds sterling, with no currency symbol. (e.g. 24.78): Minimum value 5.00, please.

Enter the name of the intended recipient of your gift (i.e. the name of the person who will "spend" the voucher):

Enter the text of the message, if any, which you would like to appear in the voucher card: (Max 120 characters - equivalent to two lines of text, below)

Click the 'ORDER' button below to complete your purchase

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