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Peter Hemsley at the lathe - and this was several years ago!

Hi There, this is the man himself, proving that we practise what we preach. 

Not that I get much time for such indulgences these days, so this photo must be an archive record!  The hair colouring comes straight out of a bottle of course (that's what I tell the ladies, anyway) and I just cultivate the aged sage look to give folk confidence in the advice provided through the site - and if you believe that you'll believe anything! 

Peter Hemsley

If you'd like to check out my credentials as a turner of timber, then please take a peek in our sister site http://www.woodworking.co.uk .  In the gallery pages there you'll see some examples of my work (plus that of some really good turners!).  Within this site, there are different examples of some of my work for reference, too.  If you don't like what you see, put it down to my poor taste.  If you'd like the reassurance of seeing what our customers think of us, then take a look at "What Our Clients Say".  If you prefer to trust the word of the press, then maybe you'll find "Press Opinions" more reassuring.

If you need to contact us by mail, the postal address here is:

      The ToolPost
      Unit 7, Hawksworth
      Southmead Industrial Park
      OX11 7HR

The telephone number is:

      +44-1235-511101 (International)
      01235 511101 (Calling from UK only)

(Note: the '44' is the international code for the UK.  You'll need to prefix this with your own local international access code in place of the '+' symbol.)

Our fax number is:

      ... now disconnected: please use email instead.

And the e-mail address is:

(Please add a subject to your mail before sending)

When you can contact us (by telephone):

Almost anytime we're awake!  We are generally available to answer calls between 09h30 and 18h00 Monday to Saturday which is our "core" office time.  We are, but rarely, here on Sunday and late into the night (sad, isn't it?) and will try to help even if your call comes through at these unmanned times.  Just don't be surprised if we sound grumpy!  Of course, you can place your orders through the shopping system or send us emails at any time, day or night, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. (Yes, we get orders on Christmas Day every year - thanks.)  If your query is technical it's always best to ask to speak to Peter Hemsley (the gaffer) when you call: if it's for order placement or a general enquiry, the other staff do the job far better than old grumpy ever did!


Whilst our site is English-language, we will do our best to provide responses in French or German if this assists you.  The quality of the language lags the enthusiasm, but we 'll have a go if it helps our clients. This is more easily achieved in writing than orally.

For those of you who like to get the full picture, Didcot is a small town located around twelve miles south of the well-known and very beautiful university city of Oxford.  We're around sixtyfive miles due west of London and the River Thames flows just a few miles away across the fields.  If you can find a map of the UK, locate London and Bristol, draw a line between them, bisect it and move up the page a little and you should find Oxford.  That's how I get home anyway!

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