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ToolPost Direct - Your toolshop on the Internet

The ToolPost: specialising in the supply of quality tools and equipment for woodturning, wood carving and woodworking around the world: securely, speedily and courteously.  Our advice is given freely.
If you have questions or concerns about using this site, please visit our FAQ page.
The ToolPost is the one-stop online resource catering for the needs of wood craftsmen and women engaged in
wood turning, woodcarving and fine woodworking. We stock wood turning tools, woodcarving tools, equipment and supplies, safety equipment such as respiratory protection, practical products such as dust extraction even books, DVDs - and it's a great place to choose gifts for any woodworking occasions. The ToolPost team bring years of experience and passion in woodturning and woodworking and are committed to friendly and professional service and great value. Take a browse through our site, order quickly and securely and get prompt delivery or simply give us a call for advice. Don't forget to regularly check in with us for special offers and new and innovative products.

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The ToolPost symbol od the hardworking woodturner has come to symbolise our commitment to providing the world's finest wood turning and wood carving products to woodturners around the world.  We just love woodturning and like to put our hands to woodcarving too!.
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Our normal retail shop HOURS OF OPENING,
6 days per Week, are as follows :-
Monday - Friday: 09h30 to 18h00
Saturday: 09h30 to 13h00
(but not in July & Aug)
But the website remains open 24/7

How to find our showroom/shop
The following links will provide you with a map of the
route from the A34, the nearest major trunk road (approx 2 miles away, and a local navigation map to find our location within the industrial park and written directions.   The A4130 almost passes our door - almost!

If you are taking your responsibilities to the planet seriously - or for other reasons - travelling by train , then this link provides you with a map and shortcut walking directions (avoiding a hefty cab fare for a trip around the town).

As part of the project to electrify the Great Western main line there are significant roadworks around this area.  Please allow a little extra time for your journey and expect to be halted at one or two sets of temporary lights before you finally arrive here! We can only apologise but the great gods of the regional planning department are in charge.

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Our latest additions to the site:
Thanks to the feedback that you as customers bring to us, we are never short of ideas for expanding the site.  In response we are working gradually to expand existing ranges and introduce new ones to provide a more comprehensive range of goods for your wants and needs!

  • When we were asked to represent the Carter & Son Toolworks products over here in Europe we were pleased. It's nice to be asked! But when we had tried the tool out in our own workshop, on real work, we were ecstatic! These tools, crafted from ultra hard-wearing M42 HSS take a razor-sharp edge that simply lasts and lasts. Their aluminium handles are not only gorgeous to look at, but have to be the most comfortable I have ever picked up, giving the tools what is, for me, perfect balance. I love 'em: don't miss 'em!


  • We have been experimenting with a number of new finishing products in recent months. I have become very keen on a finishing oil, which we are selling under the name Drechsleroel (i.e. Woodturner's Oil) from Steinert, in Germany.  Wholly made from natural ingredients, it is a delight to use and creates a super satin sheen finish on your work - or mine. We have also brought into stock some finishes from D & M, also in Germany, including a terrific new Pen Finish which is quick, easy and effective and will give some fancy home brews a good run for their money! There's also Wood Hardener, a Carnauba Wax Cream - so now you can use carnauba on faceplate work easily - and another natural Finishing Oil. They're all good! Try them today.


  • Maybe we succumb too readily to the flattery of being asked but ... ... we're pleased to announce that we have been appointed by Starbond Adhesives in the USA as their exclusive dealer in the UK and Ireland. This is a great and wide range of CA glues (cyanoacrylates = superglues) that caters for just about every need. The glue is sourced in Japan and is of the highest quality. We especially like the attention to detail of the company, who even provide micro-applicators so that you can apply the glue drop-wise on fine work, and who also supply bulk bottles so that heavy users enjoy economies of scale. There's also a glue which is water-thin and can be used as a timber reinforcement to overcome the hazards of turning spalted timbers and the like. And Starbond CA glue is very reasonably priced too. Give some a try, now.


  • We have been working with Stuart Mortimer to create a special Saburr carbide cutting tool that will simplify and speed up the cutting through of a hollow form to create the bines of a spiral form, as typified by Stuart's elegant work. We are pleased to announce that the SM250 cutting disc is now available and, after extensive testing of the product by Stuart, we have production quantities in stock. If you have ever seen Stuart demonstrate his techniques, this is a tool you'll want to own. (And we can also supply the mini-grinder to mount it on, from Proxxon or Arbortech.)

SM250 Stuart Mortimer bine cutting disc from Saburr.  Unique to The ToolPost, your cource for power specialist woodturing products. 

  • Whilst it is not a product suitable for offering through the website, the news is that The ToolPost is the sole distributor for the fabulous, the legendary, VB36 Master Bowlturner lathes, in the UK and Eire.  These phenomenal lathes are now being manufactured in Germany by Steinert, a company with many years experience in manufacturing high class lathes for woodturning and for many years the VB36 distributors to the German-speaking world.  And, because of this connection, we'll also be offering the range of Steinert lathes to the market.

VB36 lathe: now built in Germany by Steinert 

  • The worlds finest deep hollowing tools, arguably, are the Rolly Munro tools. We are fortunate - and proud - to have been appointed as the sole UK and Eire distributors of these superb deep hollowing tools.  Our first act had been to reduce the prices across the board!  No tricks, no sleight of hand - it just shows what can be achieved by a distributor that puts your needs first.  There has never been a better time to buy a Rolly Munro tool - one of the world's finest.

The Munro Hollowing SYstem.  The world's finest deep hollowing tool - thanks to Rolly, or Roly, Munro of New Zealand 

  • The carbide-tipped turning tools created by Mike Hunter have been setting the world alight for some time.  We have been using them - and selling them - for several years now and have the highest regard for them and for Mike Hunter, their manufacturer, who takes the trouble to come over to our Open House events from time to time too.

Hunter carbide tipped woodturning tools 

  • The renowned Versachuck - the world's most versatile woodturning chuck - is a ToolPost product and is available trhough the website.  We have listened to comments from owners and have revised the way in which we offer the product to give you maximum flexibility.  The chuck remains as versatile as ever but now you can choose how far you buy into the concept.  The choice is now well and truly yours!

The Versachuck, or Versa Chuck, woodturner's four jaw self centering (centring) chuck, uniquely allowing almost any manufacturer's jaws to be mounted (dependent upon Versachuck configuration) 

  • The Sorby Pro-Edge Sharpening system does a great job of putting the edge back on tools, but the abrasive belts are consumables.  We have worked with one of Europe's top abrasive suppliers to develop a range of high-value, high-performance replacement belts for the Pro-Edge that perform even better than the originals but at an affordable price. ToolPost sharpening belts - High Quality, Low Price, Great Value.

Robert Sorby Pro Edge (Pro-Edge) sharpening system 

  • The ToolPost's very own Busy Bodger has found fame at last - and you can share in it too!  We have created a premium quality printed Tee-Shirt bearing the well-known and unique logo and they're now available for sale, in time for the sunny(?) season. 
    Available in a range of colours and sizes from small for ladies and kids up to 'now that's what I call a turner's muscle!'.  All at the same price of 10 each inc VAT (8.33 ex VAT for non-EU buyers).

Click for a larger image of the ToolPost classic Busy Bodger T-shirt 

  • Most woodturners, carvers and furniture-makers like to mark their finished work with a logo or signature, showing both pride in the skills exhibited and helping to promote future business.  But what a tedium it can be creating a legible signature, or even worse, a logostyle.  Here's a simple solution: low cost and easy to apply, demanding very little skill - a personalised branding iron stamp.  For more details, download our price list and see for yourself!  Please order by telephone or email - because of the need to agree artwork, these items are not orderable on line.

The Toolpost supplied a range of branding irons to present your logo, name, contact details etc. to your customer.  Branding Irons from Primo Stemp, made in Germany. NOt to be confused with brand stamps or soldering irons! 

  • We've always been pretty hot on sharpening here, having brought some superb products such as the O'Donnell Ruby Wheels to the notice of the turning public.  Now there's a new revolution - the Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN) grinding wheels.  Definitely the fastest and coolest-cutting wheels ever available for the woodturning market and with virtually indefinite life.  Not cheap, but excellent value for money.

CBN (Cubic Boron Nitride) grinding wheels from Optigrind, also known as Holzer wheels.  Fast, cool, fine grinding for all of your woodturning tools. 

  • Saburr Rotary Carbide Cutters are gaining a loyal following among critical woodcarvers and woodturners who appreciate their rapid timber removal, smooth, snatch-free operation and their clog-free characteristics.  Available now in a huge range of shapes and abrasive textures, along with donut wheels for mini grinders, cup wheels and sanding sleeves and arbors.

Saburr structured carbide wood carving burrs make power wooodcarving quick, simple and safe.  Huge range of sizes and styles for you to choose from. 

  • If you are a seeker after the perfect finish on your turned - and other - wood products, then you must take a look at the Beall Wood Buff .  For smaller work, there is also the Beall Bowl Buff.  A revolution in woodfinishing.  I wouldn't be without it.

Beall (a.k.a. Beale, or Beal) Buffing Kit for wood buffing.  Also available is a range of bowl buffing products, called Bowl Buffs.  Plus all accessories, mounting mandrels, abrasive pastes and waxes. 

  • Workshop safety is paramount and few remain unaware these days of the hazards presented by dust. The Camvac dust extractors and their myriad accessories are sure to provide a solution to any situation where dust extraction is an issue. With filtration down to 0.5 microns, this really is the Daddy of small workshop dust and chip extractors, which really does keep its dust to itself!

Camvac dust extractors are not top be confused with the chip extractors beloved of our forebears. Camvac products are also sometimes called vacuum cleaners but this is toi belittle their excellent performance.

Important: all prices are stated in pounds sterling (symbol: ).
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Retail customers residing in the countries of the European Union only (EU, including UK), will be charged Value Added Tax (VAT) at the prevailing UK rate.  Commercial clients from these areas, providing a valid VAT registration number, will not be charged VAT.
All other customers pay the VAT-free prices shown.

The ToolPost features secure on-line credit card payment facilities, provided through NetBanx, for all popular cards.
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If you are still a little nervous about on-line shopping, see
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Oneway is a Canadian company responsible for creating some of the world's finest wood turning lathes and a range of woodturning and sharpening accessories and equipment.If you arrived here looking for OneWay Equipment you have arrived at the right location.  Not all of the range is yet on the website but we're working on it - see Oneway chucks, chuck jaws and Wolverine sharpening systems.  Until such time that we have incorporated the rest of the range, please call us with your queries for other items, and associated orders, on 01235-511101 (UK)

Communications in the age of Spam: Whilst we ensure that order and payment information reaches us unadulterated, innocuous emails are sometimes deleted by accident.  To avoid this prospect, please use the following email address when communicating with us:

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The ToolPost may be contacted at:
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The ToolPost
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